Step by Step

Why do I take the initiative to publish my Experience? (18 February 2018)

  1. I have to express myself in English, what dind’t do since many Years.
  2. I don’t have to write perfectly, because I don’t write a real Book.
  3. I have the possibility to save the small Stories of this Experience and reduce the Chance to lose these written Notes anywhere.
  4. I have the proof that I was consciously concerned with this Project at this time.
  5. I can see if there is a concrete Evolution the next Years.
  6. I will maybe be able to use thes Experiences in other Live Situations.
  7. I will have the occasion to get Feedbacks to know where I stand and where I have to go, if I can and/or want it.
  8. Potentially interrested Persons will be able to compare some of our Experiences and employ what is useful and constructive for  them.

Before beginning this Experience

Why I am not already a good Saxophone Player:


– I could not read Music Notes and did not want to learn it. I began to learn to do it about 6 month ago. But, I don’t read Notes every day, so I am very slow.

– I always renounced to practice scale trainings. I started with it in January 2018.

– I do not practice sport anymore and do not have any endurance. I now have a home-trainer-bicycle but I did not use it yet.


Important remarks about the Training-Videos:


– Listen to the Training Videos with headsets. If you don’t hear the Music in the Background (bad video quality), it’s quite impossible to understand what I just learn and train.

– Do not expect to hear good sound. I’m on the learning way and you have the proof that it’s true.

– Nobody constrain you to listen to the videos. If the sound is too terrible and awful for you, stop watching and listening. You could become a headache.

– To preserve you, I’ll most of the time only mention one or two Training-Videos per Day. The others Videos are on Youtube.


Of course, my Trainings sound bad, awful.

I wouldn’t do this Experience if I already was a good Saxophone player.

My wish is to be able to play the same Music Pieces I’m exercising now, better next year.

To be capable to play them better next year than today, and to play them better in two years than next year.



Now I will have to be Strong, to be Aware and to accept any critiques and opinions.

Step -7, -6, -5, -4, -3, -2, -1,… Go!

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