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Step 1

Step 1   18. February 2018


Where do I stand and where do I want?

I’m a Hobby Musician, a „Would-like-to-be-Saxophone-Player“.

I would like to improve my Playing the next 2-3 Years.

This means that I would like to be and to sound more Professional. Also if I only Play in the Music Room or where else, alone.

How can I Progress perceptibly?

I have no Music Teacher, so it could be an Idea to Coach „Me, Myself and I“…

The Mood in the Music Room, Day 16.02.2018:

Two Days ago I found a Youtube Video with Paul Taylor Live at the Amp.

Didn’t see it before… Such a Good Atmosphere.

I thought it would be cool to learn it.

Paul Taylor Plays Wonderful! Not millions of Music Notes but a very rich Music at the Amp.

I decided to test it the next day. It seemed like it would be quite easy to improvise on the Title „Awakening“ and try to move like him.

I tried it… and I was surprised how difficult it was…

The Piece is 16 minutes Long and I nearly couldn’t finish it entirely.


I had not enough Energy to Play 16 minutes.

I didn’t have enough Music Ideas to follow Paul Taylor till the End.

I have to adjust it!


Practice Sport a little bit?

Study how I can put more Ideas and Variations in my Music Playing.


Reference Video to Step 1, Paul Taylor at the Amp “Awakening”



Training Video to Step 1, first attempt, 16. February 2018

Training Video to Step 1, second attempt, 16. February 2018

Step 2

Step 2  ·  17. February 2018


Why will I never Play like Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, and…?

Because I’m not Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, and…

Physical constitution, personality, qualities, weaknesses are different.

What makes the Difference between a Hobby-Saxophonist and a „Champion“?

The Musicality and the Technical Skills.


In a Miles Davis Mood:

Yes, since about 2 months I listen to Miles Davis again. Not only Ballads, as I used to do earlier, but also rhythmic Jazz pieces.

Why I think it is important to train with Miles Davis.

I can play slowly or fast, use my own Notes successions, what is very practical to learn to play along the Music pieces.

Next stage:

Important for me is now, to be able to move my fingers as fast as possible and to get some sounds out of my Saxophone.

Technically, I am not far enough to deliver clear and clean Notes.

I do not have enough power in my arms and fingers muscles.

I do not have enough strength in my lips.

I sometimes train my fingers on the Saxophone without a mouthpiece and without blowing.

10 to 20 minutes watching TV.

Reference Video to Step 2, Miles Davis, Album „Doo Bop“

Training Video to Step 2, A,  17. February 2018

Training Video to Step 2, B,  17. February 2018

Training Video to Step 2, C,  17. February 2018

Training Video to Step 2, D,  17. February 2018

Training Video to Step 2, E,  17. February 2018

Training Video to Step 2, F,  17. February 2018

Tired after Miles Davis Training, I try, after about 5 minutes of Paul Taylor, to test the Tones of my Soprano.

Step 3

Step 3   18. February 2018

Euge Groove

Some days, I have no power and less energy.

These days are good for me to try new Music Albums and to get to know them. I do not have to be as concentrate as by Music Pieces I know, so I can exercise slowly and with less energy.

I found a new Album Video from Euge Groove on Youtube and i“t was cool to learn with it.

Reference Video to Step 3, Euge Groove, Album „Born 2 Groove“

Training Video to Step 3,  18. February 2018

Step 4

Step 4   19. February 2018

Reference Video to Step 4, Euge Groove, Album „Just Feels Right“

Training Video to Step 4, A, 19. February 2018

Reference Video to Step 4, Euge Groove, Album „Livin Large“

Training Video to Step 4, B, 19. February 2018

Training Video to Step 4, C, 19. February 2018

In These Trainings I try to feel the Music with my Body and my Lips.

Step 5

Step 5   20. February 2018

Reference Video to Step 5, Richard Elliot

Training Video to Step 5, A, 20. February 2018