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Smooth ibi on Youtube

I have a new Youtube Channel „Smooth ibi“. There You can watch and see me learning and practicing. The Music in the background inspire me to play Saxophone. On my Playlist You can see a lot of Saxophonists or Musicians I Love! I will add more Smooth Jazz and Jazz Youtube Videos in my Playlist.

My Goal

I wish to Play Saxophone as well as Pingu speaks and sings!

My Technique to Learn

I have never had a Music Teacher (last Year 2×45 minutes but it was a very bad experience). Since about one Year I practice with more disciplin. If You have good advices and tips to improve my Saxophone Playing, You’re welcome! You can help me to progress. Thank You!

Smooth Jazz

I was about 14 when I heard the Album of my Father, „Winelight“ with Grover Washington Jr. I was beginning to appreciate and love Smooth Jazz as well as the Saxophone as Music Instrument. But I didn’t have a Saxophone to learn to play it. I also coudn’t read Notes. With about 20 Years my Mother bought me an Alto Saxophone. I tried to learn it alone but it wasn’t very easy. I didn’t learn very seriously. Many Years later I wanted to try it again. Now I practice more often and hope to play better in a few Years.

Who I am

I’m a modest and humble Saxophone Player who would like to have a better Playing Technique and to express more Feelings in the Music I blow out.

The Saxophonists I like and love are: Grover Washington Jr., Boney James, Richard Elliot, Kim Waters, Eric Dolphy, John Coltrane, Jay Beckenstein and many more… (a lot of these Musicians can be appreciated on my „Smooth ibi“ Youtube Playlist).

Please suscribe my „Smooth ibi“ Youtube Channel to encourage me.

You have ways and methods to progress efficiently, please inform me.

Thank You!

1% Theory… 99% Practice!…

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