Comeback and Concept Change after 10 Months

A double Hernia surgery constrained me to take a break in June. I can’t say if the reason is that I blowed too Long and strong in my Saxophones!?!…

I didn’t stop my Trainings as Long as it was possible.

And I published all Trainings-Videos on Youtube.

I had to recover and get better. Now I feel fine again.

I asked myself if I wanted to publish all the Training Evolutions of this Phase and go back  in the past…but it would be very laborious.

So, I decided start again, after this 10 month „recreation“.

I also think, that it’s not necessary anymore to make so much comments to explain my Trainings.

I will reduce my comments on a Minimum most of the time.

I’m not a Music Teacher… and there are enough very good Teachers on the Web and elsewhere.

As I wrote it:

1% Theory, 99% Practice.

I will publish 1 or 2 Videos per Training Day. All Training-Videos are available on Youtube.

I also will assign marks to my Trainings. Not compared with other Saxophone Players, but compared to my own expectations and in comparison with my earlier Trainings.

I will Coach myself and observe my Trainings. i will juge my Trainings and give me a Note between 1 and 10.

My Goal is to be able to give me every day a Note between 9 and 10. This for a period of more than 1 Month.

When I watch my earlier Youtube-Videos, I could say that I now Train with Notes between 5 and 8.

I do not only juge my interpretation of the Pieces of Music.

I also consider how Fit I am, how I feel while Playing, my Sound, my precision, my Rhythm perception, when I accompagny the Music Background and come along with the Song I’m listening to.

Now… let’s Go!

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