Smooth ibi

Learning to Play Saxophone Step by Step

Hi! I am Smooth ibi!

I learn to play Saxophone and I publish most of my Training hours on Youtube.

Every Month I upload my recorded Trainings.

Youtube: Smooth ibi

My Learning Method is to play Saxophone with Music in the Background.

Some People will say:

It is better to know one thing perfectly, than to know many things approximatively…

Maybe they are right, but I prefer to vary my Trainings, so I never play a Song more than two times consecutively.

This allow me to diversify the Melodies and the Rhythms I am learning.

I try to follow or to go along with the Music, but do not expect to be perfect.

I know I have to learn much more, but I practice in good as in bad times…

I do not give up; also, if I have the feeling I do not advance anymore.

I do not select the Videos… I publish all recorded sessions.

This means, there are „normal“ Trainings and very bad Trainings.

I would like to be a better Saxophone Player in 2 or 3 Years.

My objective is to be able to locate my weaknesses and to make perceptible progresses the next years.

Learn without words…

Just watch the Videos and detect the mistakes you need to avoid and the techniques you have to master.

How do You practice Music?

If You have good Tips and Ideas to improve my Saxophone Playing, please send me Emails or Videos.

In addition, if you find these Videos helpful, please subscribe my Youtube Channel „Smooth ibi“ to motivate me.

Thank You, have a nice Training and see You!

Smooth ibi

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